HAAS Kinderkardätsche
HAAS Kinderkardätsche

HAAS Kinderkardätsche

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The Haas Kinderkardätsche Brush is made of 100% natural grey horse hair that is perfect for your little one's grooming kit (and perfect for smaller hands). The cheery, vibrant elastic rainbow strap keeps brusehs securely in place wtihout causing fatigue. Use with the Haas Kinderwurzel Stiff Brush for the ultimate grooming turnout! Made in Germany.

Product Details:

  • Medium stiffness
  • Great for body and legs
  • Natural grey horsehair helps brush dirt and dust away
  • Each Haas brush is made without nails or glue for long lasting durability and unbeatable quality
  • 1.25" long bristles
  • 5.875"L x 3"W